About Us
SpeediTrade.com  is a new user friendly site designed to bring both buyers and sellers together.  We are unlike other sites where they tell you what, when and were you can list and allow intervention by their policies that make things harder for both sellers and buyers to conduct business by micromanaging buyers and sellers, playing them off against each other to make a profit for their shareholders. Instead,  we strive to have only honest transactions online, all buyers and sellers are verified equally so that only safe, honest, and sincere transactions will take place. Proceeds from listing fees are applied to an advertising program to promote opimum exposure for sellers. We will not have any rolling blackouts, hidden listings, favorite or special sellers who will receive "preferred treatment." We also do not believe in feedback systems designed to harm both sellers and buyers reputations.
However, we do expect and believe in honest transactions.  Buyers or sellers that disrupt this site will be removed without warning.  By using this site you agree to complete any transaction in good faith with the person to whom you are doing business. Users agree not to hold SpeediTrade.com  liable for any transaction/s between buyers and sellers and agree that any claims that arise are strictly between the parties directly involved and/or their representatives.
Please feel free to join us and build a site on trust and good faith relationships between buyers and sellers,  Thank you for using SpeediTrade.com
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